Sunday, March 27, 2011

Angels Among Us...

Ok, so if you have ever heard this old song from Alabama called "Angels Among Us", you are either feeling the warm fuzzys or rolling your eyes in disgust. Yes, it is super cheesy, I will admit that. My mom used to play it in the car and get all teary eyed after the first verse. After a few life changing experiences I now understand why it touched her so much. It's one of those story-telling songs about a little boy getting lost in the woods and a stranger lead him home. As he grows up he realizes the everyday people that were angels in his life during his hardest times. Its so incredible to see how true that is!

"They wear so many faces, show up in the strangest places
And grace us with their mercy in our time of need"

On Valentines Day this year Michelle was blessed again with the most perfect gift.

A beautiful real human hair wig that is SO her! A wonderful family in California, The Gomez's, sent her this wig to brighten her day and make her feel beautiful. It was so amazing that the wig is exactly what Michelle would have picked if she had chosen it herself! She called me the day that she got it so excited and feeling so blessed. That feeling is all that any one of us could want for Michelle.

Tracylyn and Nathan Gomez, thank you so much for what you did for Michelle. She feels so blessed and so loved during her time of need. I wanted to give you a very personal thank you from her friends and family because it is the most special feeling seeing our Michelle fight her cancer while still feeling so beautiful and loved. What a miracle you are! Thank you so much for spreading your brightness all the way to Arizona.

I believe there are angels among us.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Shine Project: Part II

Remember super sassy Ashley from The Shine Project? Michelle let me know she was in the newspaper a couple days ago! You can go check it out here. To read more about what she does and how it all got started! Such an amazing story.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Girls Girls! And sure even the boys

A former coworker of Michelle's, Stephanie Armenta, contacted me with a fabulous idea!

The Girls at The Edge salon in Gilbert, Arizona
are donating 40% from all haircuts every Tuesday
through April 15th towards Michelle
to show her their support and love for her and what she is going through.

Soooo...if you were thinking of getting a new spring cut or just a touch up, 
now is the time!

Thanks girls at The Edge Salon!

Salon number: 480-471-8544
Salon location: 1040 South Gilbert Road
Gilbert, Arizona 85296

love, jess