Thursday, April 28, 2011

shine interview

yesterday michelle did an interview about the shine project. and i had the chance to tag along!
they did such an amazing job and i cannot believe all the amazing things shine is doing!

can you believe this girl just had cancer?

you can read more about the experience here and here.



Friday, April 8, 2011

Words From Michelle

I e-mailed Michelle yesterday to give me an update on how she is feeling and this is what she sent back:

well recovery is definitely the most trying part so far.. maybe because this is the most "with it" i have been since i was told i had cancer.. I try to stay positive everyday but I basically feel like i can never get enough sleep and i eat like a bird its frustrating! i love food but im just either never hungry or nauseated. The Dr. said these are all common signs of withdrawls from pain medicine! So luckily its nothing too bad but he isnt too concerned with getting me off pain medication completely yet because i still have one more surgery left in about a month. OK that was all so negative! The cancer is still in REMISSION!! (: and i am completely D O N E with chemo and these terrible neupogen shots that hurt soooo bad i know sounds pathetic but they were the worst i always hoped my mom would forget to give them to me.. she didnt!

Everyday i feel a little more like myself.. still no hair.. but the dr said about 6 weeks it will be coming back. until them i rock my wig! seriously after seeing how many people supported,wrote me,prayed, and everything else that was given to me.. i am already so excited to give back! i look up different organizations for ovarian cancer daily.. My dad has been a huge "coach" i like to say to me.. he has helped me turn this into a positive experience and that i can do things to help people going through similar situations i hope one day i can make someone feel as special as i have felt through this whole trial.. its truly been a blessing in disguise!

the fact that she is in remission is amazing but still keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

love, nicole