Tuesday, November 29, 2011

a little of this&that.

I can't believe how quickly time flies! Everything is finally starting to feel like a dream!! I never thought that day would come I still remember when I met Nicole (a cancer survivor who was diagnosed with my same cancer at the age of 12!!). She came and saw me right after my first surgery when i went to my Doctors office to learn about the Chemo and she was so healthy and happy and she kept reassuring me that one day this would be a distant memory.. at the time i thought she was out of her mind but she was totally right! Unfortunately i am constantly catching myself getting wrapped up in selfish dumb things like i used to and reminding myself that the silly little things we get stressy and upset over don't even matter 75% of the time..Other than that i am loving life!! I am now a full time employee at DryBar in the Scottsdale Quarter. Besides the fact my hands feel crampy and my feet want to fall off by the end of the day i absolutely L O V E it!  Anyone who has never checked it out.. look it up at thedrybar.com and make an appt to come and visit me! It's the cutest place ever and a girls dream..

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Just a thought..

My dad and me went to go visit some of my nurses at Scottsdale Shea it was definitely a good experience! They were so glad I came to see them and they could see me healthy walking and happy..It was a little difficult to go on the 3rd floor and even look into the rooms brought back some painful memories but it is also such a good reminder.. I take health for granted everyday! Just 6 months ago i could hardly walk without someone holding me up it's crazy how fast times goes by. I remember sitting in chemo and just wanting to be able to feel healthy and actually enjoy waking up in the morning..It puts life into prospective and what we truly need to be happy verses what we THINK we need to be happy.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Prayer Works

 Friday will be my F I N A L surgery!! I can hardly believe it!! I am so nervous/excited. So please keep me in your prayers! This will be my last recovery then I will hopefully be getting back to daily activities.. never taking a day for granted. Honestly I have tried to focus on something positive everyday even if its something so simple be thankful and positive I promise it makes the world of a difference. Enjoy this life, it's the only one you have! (:
Tonight I was able to go visit a group for kids that have been praying for me since day 1 at a church in mesa. It was honestly the sweetest experience. They were sooo excited i came to visit! The little girls could hardly sit still in their seats. I am seriously so blessed to have so many people praying for me!! I wish i could meet them all!

With Love,

Monday, May 16, 2011

No More Wig!

it's amazing to me how gorgeous she even looks without her wig!

queen elizabeth who? she can even rock it without a wig!



Sunday, May 15, 2011

joe's jeans bidding

kensley rowland was nice enough to donated these jeans for michelle!

they are size 28 (6/8), from nordstrom, boyfriend fit, and super cute!

the bidding will start at $30 and please go up in price by at least $2!

leave a comment for a bid! bidding ends May 31st!



Thursday, May 5, 2011

So much to be thankful for

It is so completely amazing to me how many people are still constantly praying and checking up on me it is so comforting! I am SLOWLY coming to the end of this all its been a crazy journey. Even though I am bald, underweight and have a foot long scar down the middle of my stomach.. I still sounds so strange to say I have had cancer. As hard as this has been I would not change it for the world. I have learned so many things its unreal. Attitude is truly everything i am not a firm believer in that! You can't change the things that come your way so change the way you feel about them.. I am so so so so thankful for my family!! wow i would literally be lost without them.. my sister taking me to chemo and bloodwork everyday, my parents staying in the hospital with me EVERY night because it was more comfortable with one of them around.. I am truly blessed. This hit me when I was at my doctor appt on Tuesday and one of my chemo nurses mentioned what an amazing family we are.. and it's the truth my parents did whatever they could to make the situation comfortable for me. My dad would go to the moon and back for me! My nurses were also a HUGE part of the journey that i am glad i experienced.. when i was just at Thompson Peak over Easter they all would come in my room just to say hi and see how I was doing. Even the girl in the cafeteria recognized me and told me i looked great. Its so amazing how it truly is the little things that make the difference.. and where would i be without my friends especially nic jess and julie for starting my blog to keep everyone updated! I still remember the night jess showed me my blog & my christmas support box. I have never cried over a gift so much in my life.. it was the most thoughtful gift in the world just what i needed! I still re read all the letters and cards on the days i start to doubt myself! i CAN do this!! (: Lastlyy BUT definitely NOT least. I am soo thankful for my faith in Christ. I can't imagine going through this without him.. I was just telling my dad the other night it would have been a lonely fight without him. He gave me hope and knowing that God will never put you through something you can't handle!! I can testify of that now. Prayer works wonders it's so true and the Bible really does apply to everyday life. I love reading it now it makes life so much more simple!
This post is probably all over the place!! This is my very first post! so sorry if it was just a bunch of mush  but i hope everyone understands how much it means to me that you care and what a difference it has made..I really hope i can make someone feel as special as i have felt. Truly Blessed!
I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL day!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

shine interview

yesterday michelle did an interview about the shine project. and i had the chance to tag along!
they did such an amazing job and i cannot believe all the amazing things shine is doing!

can you believe this girl just had cancer?

you can read more about the experience here and here.



Friday, April 8, 2011

Words From Michelle

I e-mailed Michelle yesterday to give me an update on how she is feeling and this is what she sent back:

well recovery is definitely the most trying part so far.. maybe because this is the most "with it" i have been since i was told i had cancer.. I try to stay positive everyday but I basically feel like i can never get enough sleep and i eat like a bird its frustrating! i love food but im just either never hungry or nauseated. The Dr. said these are all common signs of withdrawls from pain medicine! So luckily its nothing too bad but he isnt too concerned with getting me off pain medication completely yet because i still have one more surgery left in about a month. OK that was all so negative! The cancer is still in REMISSION!! (: and i am completely D O N E with chemo and these terrible neupogen shots that hurt soooo bad i know sounds pathetic but they were the worst i always hoped my mom would forget to give them to me.. she didnt!

Everyday i feel a little more like myself.. still no hair.. but the dr said about 6 weeks it will be coming back. until them i rock my wig! seriously after seeing how many people supported,wrote me,prayed, and everything else that was given to me.. i am already so excited to give back! i look up different organizations for ovarian cancer daily.. My dad has been a huge "coach" i like to say to me.. he has helped me turn this into a positive experience and that i can do things to help people going through similar situations i hope one day i can make someone feel as special as i have felt through this whole trial.. its truly been a blessing in disguise!

the fact that she is in remission is amazing but still keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

love, nicole

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Angels Among Us...

Ok, so if you have ever heard this old song from Alabama called "Angels Among Us", you are either feeling the warm fuzzys or rolling your eyes in disgust. Yes, it is super cheesy, I will admit that. My mom used to play it in the car and get all teary eyed after the first verse. After a few life changing experiences I now understand why it touched her so much. It's one of those story-telling songs about a little boy getting lost in the woods and a stranger lead him home. As he grows up he realizes the everyday people that were angels in his life during his hardest times. Its so incredible to see how true that is!

"They wear so many faces, show up in the strangest places
And grace us with their mercy in our time of need"

On Valentines Day this year Michelle was blessed again with the most perfect gift.

A beautiful real human hair wig that is SO her! A wonderful family in California, The Gomez's, sent her this wig to brighten her day and make her feel beautiful. It was so amazing that the wig is exactly what Michelle would have picked if she had chosen it herself! She called me the day that she got it so excited and feeling so blessed. That feeling is all that any one of us could want for Michelle.

Tracylyn and Nathan Gomez, thank you so much for what you did for Michelle. She feels so blessed and so loved during her time of need. I wanted to give you a very personal thank you from her friends and family because it is the most special feeling seeing our Michelle fight her cancer while still feeling so beautiful and loved. What a miracle you are! Thank you so much for spreading your brightness all the way to Arizona.

I believe there are angels among us.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Shine Project: Part II

Remember super sassy Ashley from The Shine Project? Michelle let me know she was in the newspaper a couple days ago! You can go check it out here. To read more about what she does and how it all got started! Such an amazing story.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Girls Girls! And sure even the boys

A former coworker of Michelle's, Stephanie Armenta, contacted me with a fabulous idea!

The Girls at The Edge salon in Gilbert, Arizona
are donating 40% from all haircuts every Tuesday
through April 15th towards Michelle
to show her their support and love for her and what she is going through.

Soooo...if you were thinking of getting a new spring cut or just a touch up, 
now is the time!

Thanks girls at The Edge Salon!

Salon number: 480-471-8544
Salon location: 1040 South Gilbert Road
Gilbert, Arizona 85296

love, jess 

Monday, February 28, 2011

Purse for the Cure

The amazing Lindsay from Scenic Glory is having a raffle of REAL Coach purses.

Eat ticket is purchased at $5.

All raffle tickets are donated to Michelle.

Get more details here.

Hurry quick! The raffle ends Monday!

Love, Nicole

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Good News/Bad News

Michelle is back in the hospital :( the chemo made her dehydrates and she had a seizure.



if you ask me the good FAR out weighs the bad! remember to keep Michelle in your prayers!

love, nicole

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm Gonna Let it Shine

Well hello fabulous readers!

Just so we're a little more aquainted...here I am...


I wanted to share a little seceret with out about how I get my daily inspiration.
Not just inspiration about fashion,
but in life, and with helping the people around me.
At the beginning of the year, I chose a word that I wanted to motivate me.
The word was SHINE.
To me, the word SHINE emulates brightness, happiness,
and it means excelling in something.
I decided that now is the time to achieve my goals (I want to be an author).
Not only do we shine when we put down our excuses and go after hard things,
but also when we help others!
I started The Shine Project by making a necklace for a widow whom I never met,
and watched her light up as I gave it to her.


I now sell these necklaces to remind us all to shine each day.
Every week, I post a challenge for us to accomplish that will let us see
just how much good we can accomplish in the world.
Here's your challenge:
Bid on this wonderful SHINE necklace, for 100% of the proceeds to go to Michelle's Chemo Treatments.
Bids begin at $10. Just leave a comment for the amount you are willing to donate! The bid closes next Friday at midnight!
Now that's something worth bidding on.
Go Ahead,
Let the World See you SHINE.
I look forward to hearing from you on my blog!!!


auction is closed. Jim and Kensley won at $75.00. thanks for all those who auctioned we appreciate everyones love!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jars of Love

Check out Jars of Love. Jacin is raising money for Michelle by selling jam.

We are so thankful for Jacin and reaching out in Michelle's time of need.

love, nicole

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Love

michelle will always have a special valentines. nic, jess, jules, and THE BEATLES!

super jealous. happy valentines day! we love you!


nic, jessica, and julianna

Saturday, February 12, 2011

me too!

today i was looking at the blog and i thought to myself, "what the crap where is the picture of me and michelle from the shower?" then i was like oh yeah... i took it not julianna. haha here it is.

i still cant get over the fact how cute she is!

love, nicole

Monday, January 31, 2011

the chemo party was a success
michelle was showered with sweet friends and gifts
thank you to who was able to come
we were just so glad she came and stuck it out for the hour
sweet girl, we love you michelle
and thank you andrea and maggie for bringing her and coming!
michelle for the next [2] weeks will be doing just ONE day of CHEMO!
until then we hope her immune system picks up just a little bit for her
she is just so tired all the time especially because she just finished the long brutal week of chemo of it being 5 days out of the week and almost 6 hours long sessions, yeah. she is amazing.. tell me about it!

if you would like to give anything to michelle and just wasn't able to make it to the party let us know! thank you for all of your kind words, it means a lot to michelle.
and don't forget you can STILL write her little letters/emails, it means the world to her hearing positive feedback from people, spread the word.

love you Michelle!

Friday, January 28, 2011

just putting this cute picture up so you all can see how cute michelle is with her beanie. her hair is falling out.. the chemotherapy is kicking in. it makes her very tired but the doctors/nurses have given her anti nauseating medicine, so that helps her. she isn't eating much. she hates water. loves sprite and propel. oh and you can't forget the chicken nuggets and outbacks little steak and potatoes :) we love our michelle! we are having the chemo party for her tomorrow and will put up pictures of that! and nicole and jess put down some ideas for what to get her! hope to see you all there!
nicole, jessica, michelle, jules


Thursday, January 27, 2011


happy birthday to the princess..
we love you.
best picture ever. taken tonight.
we are so happy jessica came to town
love you.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gift Ideas

so a lot of people have been asking what to give Michelle. here is the list Jessica came up with

her fav color is anything bright, tye dye,
she loves glitter
anything flashy
hannah montanna
lip gloss
beachy things, nail polish, chessy little girl toys,
barbies, pjs for victorias secret are her fav (espiecally in bright colors)
she loves new clothes for her tiny maltipoo dog
like really if people bought things with a 7 year old girl in mind
and thought BRIGHT SPRARKLY GIRLY FABULOUS that would be so her

love, nicole

Monday, January 24, 2011

Comfy Chemo Shower

While Michelle is going through chemo she will need lots of things to make her time easier. We are having a "Comfy Chemo Shower" to shower her with comfy gifts. Some things she needs are pajama's, slippers, head scarfs, hats, and anything else she would find comfy! This is a great time to come visit with Michelle and show her your love.

For those who don't know Michelle's birthday is on January 27th. This is not her birthday party but we will sing to her and have some cake!

We do not want Michelle any more tired then she needs to be. The shower is only two hours, please do not be late!

If for any reason Michelle cannot make it we will still accept the comfy shower gifts at this time and take them to her at a later time. We will post on the event that the shower is cancelled as soon as we find out it is.

This is a friend invite friend event. If you know someone who would want to come visit Michelle invite them! But please avoid inviting people like your brother's uncle's roomate's girlfriend. We know they love Michelle but feel they could show their love just as much through a letter :)

We will have snacks provided and anyone who would like to volunteer to bring something to eat that would be great!

Just e-mail me at imaynotbequeenelizabeth@gmail.com if you want an invite!

love, nicole

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Short visit to home

After Michelle left the hospital Tuesday she was still running a high fever.
She went back to the hospital for her chemo infusion and the doctor decided to readmit her 
to Thompson Peak instead of letting her go back home.

Her kidney function is a little off but is improving today.
She has also developed Valley Fever, but it wont affect her chemo.

Michelle is trying to cut back on the pain meds so she is feeling more like herself.
Cross your fingers she will be able to go home tomorrow.

p.s the chemo is finally taking its toll on her hair.
no matter how much you prepare yourself for that,
that would be emotional for any girl.
make sure you send your love to our pretty girl

i miss her constantly


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Victoria Beckham & daddy long legs spiders

this post is courtesy of Andrea Long...

Michelle has been moved back to Scottsdale Healthcare Thompson Peak so that her doc can monitor her care more easily. She is doing much better since the surgery last Saturday.  Almost all the swelling has gone down from her legs and most of the back pain has subsided.

  Of course, not all is smooth.

  A couple of days ago the oxygen saturationof her blood fell to below 90% and seemed to stay that way unless she had oxygen on. Yesterday they did a contrast CT scan and found that she had 3 blood clots in her lungs.  Since she has had trouble with bleeding and her platelet count is down, giving her blood thinners to dissolve the clot was not an option.  So, they decided to put a filter in one of her veins.  It looks almost like a little daddy long legs spider.  

It is designed to catch any parts of the clots that might dislodge and keep them from getting to her brain or heart where they could cause lots of damage. Eventually the clots will disssolve, but the filter will protect her until they do.  It is permanent and will not be removed.  It was a pretty simple procedure, but for Michelle, it just felt like one more obstacle to her getting well.  
Her blood counts are down, so she will stay in the hospital until her white, red, and 
platelet counts are up to a safe level.  Not sure when that will be.  She is back eating an unrestricted diet, although she still does not have much of an appetite and only eats a few bites from each meal. She is up and walking around a few times a day, but because her red count is low, she tires very quickly.  The doctor would like her to try and get the count raised on her own, but if that doesn't happen, she will get another transfusion.  
Today is day 16 of this hospital stay.  Hopefully she will be able to go home soon.  She gets discouraged pretty easily.  Thank you again to all you girls for your thoughtfulness and encouragement.  As soon as Michelle is able we are going to hit up the wig stores.  I'm not sure when her hair will start falling out - probably within the next week or so.  I know I'm not looking forward to that - just another thing for her to have to deal with. 
I attached some pictures from her haircut.  She was really groggy that day, but Kristina did such a nice job on it.  It is really cute when it's all styled.  

looks almost like Victoria Beckham right?!

Love, Andrea (Michelle's mom)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dear Everyone,

It's awfully hard to track you all down
so i figured a post would get to you all the same.

Michelle's sister Maggie got her a digital photo frame for her hospital room.
If you could please email her pictures that would be great!

Examples of the perfect picture(s) would include.....

a picture of you and Michelle together
a picture of you and your family to let her know you are thinking of her
a picture of a fun memory
or anything that you think is appropriate and would make her smile:)

Thanks everyone!


P.S. don't make me contact you personally because I seriously will

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Skinny Legs

Just for a follow up on yesterdays post..

Michelle is off the ventilator tube
The doctor showed Michelle's family that, despite all the set-backs,
 her AFP levels are continuing to drop.
Today they have dropped just above 100,
which tells us that the chemo is doing a fabulous job of killing the cancer.
Michelle is still a bit groggy but the fluid retention is decreasing.
Her mom told me her color is starting to look very good again,
so i imagine she is starting to look a bit like sleeping beauty in her hospital bed.

Thankfully, the intense back pain she has been having is gone as a result of the doctor removing addition tumor from her lower back area.
He let her know that she will soon have her "skinny legs" back.
I know Michelle, and sick or not, that made her very happy

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Blogging from Utah...

My life in Utah has begun...
and as slow as it is up here for the time being, 
Michelle's condition is changing pretty rapidly.

She has already completed her first week of chemo.

Although I am not there to witness this myself,
Michelle's mom, Andrea, keeps me posted with texts so I don't feel too left out.
Her texts today informed me that after a Sigmoidoscopy the other day, they were able to see some additional cancer in the colon.
The doctor was afraid that the chemo would kill cells too fast and her bowel would perforate,
so he did a temporary diversion.

The surgery was today and Michelle will spend the night in ICU, and hopefully back on the floor tomorrow.
At least one more week at ScottsdaleShea hospital.

As far as her mood and spirits, she is pretty much under until at least tomorrow when they take the ventilator tube out.

The doctor has made it clear that he is still optimistic, but so many complications are arising daily and Michelle is having a very tough time.
This is not the time to forget her in your thoughts and prayers.
Although you might not hear a response from Michelle, any words of love would make her and her family feel comforted.
I love all of you who supporting my best friend while I physically can't. You are doing an amazing job and I am so grateful for you.
Please don't stop!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

visit to the queen!

its jules
its 10:50pm.
i just got home from visiting Michelle at the hospital.
she has switched hospitals to Scottsdale Shea Hospital.
i am pretty thankful i got to see her.
tonight was a real good reality check for me.
i had not seen Michelle since this whole diagnosis which has been a couple weeks now.
just because of work, her surgeries, recovery time, i got sick, being pregnant and the joys from that.. etc.. 
anyway so Michelle is in good spirits.
she went back into the hospital on Sunday because her mom had a concern because she wasn't eating and she was in lots of pain.. she would want her pain meds after 2 hours when they should last 4-5 hours at a time.. after several discussions with her mom and the doctor he decided to readmit her back to Scottsdale Thompson Peak Healthcare Hospital.. and last night was transferred over to Shea for several reasons.
Michelle can't eat, she just can't and she is technically not allowed to and can just have clear liquids.. they are injecting through the IV the nutrients that her body does need.. and her body decided to retain that, so after several days they noticed she was swelling, her body was retaining the water and nutrients, and in result was having problems with her kidneys and with the swelling in her abdomen that they had to drain 3 quarts of fluid from her abdominal area and her legs have also swelled up too(they said that it will go down eventually..) and about her kidneys.. the doctor got worried and Michelle went into surgery and had stents put in, and now her kidneys are back and activating properly so far.. i wish i could explain just the problems that have been happening to our Michelle.. but it is just one after another. She had to start chemotherapy and tonight was her third night, she is so groggy and out of it already she doesn't really "feel" the results of the chemo, because she is wiped out already. they have also given her an epidural to lay off so many pain meds and that seems to be helping her pain. my husband and i had a nice long talk with her mom.. not even needing to tell you the rest of the endless issues, all i can say is please continue to pray for Michelle, her body will fight this. she is just not herself, obviously, her body has been put through the ringer.. it breaks our hearts.. there are several other things that have gone wrong as a result of the cancer but they are keeping a close eye on the tumor on her colon and the cancer in general. the doctor is optimistic of what the chemotherapy will do to the cancer, it's just a matter of her body being able to "keep up" with everything that is going on... she also got her hair cut from a sweet girl named Kristen from her previous salon that Michelle worked at! it is the Victoria Beckham bob! Michelles mom will be sending pictures soon! They are just exhausted, but still made us laugh and smile and the hospital today! they are very positive! all of the family. so please continue to pray for the family and Michelle of course and even the for the doctors that are attending her, that they will know what to do in the best interest for Michelle and her health. thank you for all the support, i love seeing the stats go up and up day by day and the followers just increasing! you are all so great. i know Michelle and her family appreciate support.


ps. the plan is to go wig shopping next week, depending on the health and condition of Michelle, any donations will help.